We are the voice of Naturopathic Medicine in Maryland

Who we are

We are the leaders in 21st century healthcare. We believe that the ability to heal resides in all of us, and that conventional medicine and complementary care do not exist in opposition. We are committed to creating a greater state of health in Maryland.

We are tireless advocates for naturopathic doctors. We offer continuing education, professional development opportunities, professional community, and support. We are also active in Annapolis in promoting the practice of naturopathic medicine.

We work on behalf of our patients. We believe that the ability to heal resides in everyone, at all phases of life. We are committed to promoting access to high quality naturopathic healthcare for all Marylanders.

What We've Achieved

In 2014, Governor Martin O'Malley signed a bill that will make Maryland the 18th State to license naturopathic doctors. This landmark legislation was the result of years of advocacy and education, and sets the stage for greater things to come. As naturopathic medicine comes into the mainstream, we will continue working to create a greater state of health in Maryland.

Naturopathic doctors will be licensed in March of 2016.